Seismic Study Available for Purchase Great Plains Area

Sigma, on behalf of the author PFS Interpretations,  is marketing a seismogenic study which is a conceptual study showing that many reservoirs in the Upper Cretaceous Western Interior Seay have been affected by non-tectonic faulting (  Movement in the shales below the reservoir have altered the structure and, in some instances, the deposition of reservoir strata.  These faults range from single normal faults such as the Barons Sandstone Formation in southern Alberta to a large polygonal fault system evident along the eastern portion of the Seaway.

The study contains two viewpoints.  First, it is a conceptual study – it is not stratigraphic well tops for formations over a geographical area. Second, it is a heuristic study that tries to account for the different faulting seen in Upper Cretaceous strata. The study is completed except for some field work, core work and perhaps finite element modelling that should corroborate the observations presented.

With over 400 pages that include many seismic examples, illustrations and detailed explanations, the study is ideal for any company active in the entire Great Plains area of North America.

The study sells for CDN$67,000 and includes a one-day core workshop and a separate one-day seismic interpretation session in Calgary.

For additional information or to license a copy of the study please contact either Trent Olson ( or Andy St Onge (  If you are at a large company with a research group, the study may help in your research on polygonal fault systems.