The Future of Seismic

The Future of Seismic

Positioned to Lead, Equipped to Succeed

  • Our Vision

    To evolve as a recognized, steadfast leader within our industry – never losing touch with what matters most to our clients.

  • Our Mission

    To lead the ever-evolving seismic data industry with proactive and innovative service solutions via an industry-savvy, experienced, full-time team committed to providing valued seismic data services.

  • Our Business

    Spreading our roots from nearly 50 years in the Canadian oil industry, at Sigma we pride ourselves on providing our clients peace of mind by way of our full team of experts and full-time approach of buying, selling and managing seismic data. Our comprehensive experience within the industry allows us to consistently provide the necessary insight, leading innovation, and unparalleled communication in order to facilitate a relationship of convenience and efficiency.

  • Our Growth and Our Partnerships

    The evolution of Sigma over the past five decades has allowed for the development of ample partnerships within the industry. Sigma, as an entity, played an instrumental role in the creation of the Chief Geophysicists Forum. Moreover, not one, but two of our presidents have held positions of leadership with the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists. Finally, and most notably, the founder of Sigma Explorations, Wes Rabey, is a standing member of the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame.

Wes Rabey

Get To Know Our Founder

Sprouting from humble beginnings, Sigma Explorations was founded in 1966 by our first president Wes Rabey. Having set the foundation of his career with Imperial Oil in 1945, Wes quickly became an influential member in the advancement of the geophysical industry. His contributions range vastly from founding Accurate Geophysical in 1950 to conducting the first participation survey in the history of the industry. In recognition of such achievements, Wes was inducted into the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame in 1998. Wes passed away at the age of 99 in June of 2021.


Name Title Phone Cell Fax Email LinkedIn
Ahewaz Kassam VP Finance 403 294 6408
Sara Remmer Accountant 403-294-6401 403-264-7705

Data Management Technicians

Name Title Phone Cell Fax Email LinkedIn
Carl Barrett Data Management Representative 403-294-6423 403-264-7727
Nicole Harms Resource Administrator 403-294-6419 403-264-7727


Name Title Phone Cell Fax Email LinkedIn
Cathy Hufnagl Broker 403-294-6406 403-815-5795 403-264-7705
Kevin Brooks Broker 403-294-6407 403-860-2934 403-264-7705
Launey Newell Broker 403-294-6418 403-815-6355 403-264-7705
Stephen Kotkas Broker 403-294-6404 403-860-8848 403-264-7705

Our Leadership Team

Name Title Phone Cell Fax Email LinkedIn
Joanne Poloway Manager of Operations 403-294-6412 403-264-7705
Trent Olson President 403-294-6420 403-860-9319 403-294-7705

Information Systems

Name Title Phone Cell Fax Email LinkedIn
Srdjan Gigovic Information Systems Analyst 403-294-6416 403-261-9947

Brokerage Administration

Name Title Phone Cell Fax Email LinkedIn
Tara Maccan Brokerage Assistant 403-294-6427 403-264-7727

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