Seismic Brokerage

Seismic Brokerage

A Full-Time and Full-Team Approach to Service

Decades of Doing it Right

  • Efficient and Innovative

    We treat our clients to an unmatched level of communication, business ethics and process efficiency by using innovative technologies to create processes that ensure our client’s needs are addressed quickly and with minimized waste.

  • A Proud Reputation

    After 50 years in the industry, our stellar reputation speaks for itself. When it comes to Seismic Brokerages, Sigma still represents the most recognized Canadian brand, known for professional practices and processes above reproach.

  • Our Experienced Team Approach

    Our unmatched experience allows our team to facilitate requests not easily accomplished by those with less industry savvy. We will utilize a combination of technology and due diligence to ensure we never delay the process.

  • A Full-Time Commitment

    Ensuring your seismic data needs are met is our brokers’ full-time, job. Contact us at any time and we will immediately get both a dedicated broker and a complete support team working to accomplish your goals.

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