The role of the consultant in today’s industry

Layoffs, downsizing and other forms of cuts have significantly hit our industry in the past year.   With oil prices depressed, the downturn in the energy industry has continued to see more cuts and layoffs to add to the job losses that have affected our industry so significantly.

The global energy recession has forced companies to re-evaluate their spending.  As they do this, staffing is an area that has been truly focused on. To survive, companies need to minimize costs and as a result the axe falls and jobs are severed. With the loss of a skilled work force to complete needed tasks, innovation and adaptation to business is needed.  Justifying rehiring employees is difficult at best – which opens the door to consulting services: insourcing and outsourcing both.

The competitive nature of the energy business is still fierce and quickly evolving. Steel sharpens steel. Tasks need to get done, done right, and done right now. At times, technological improvements mean less people are needed to perform a task.  Many times, there are simply fewer projects so full time employees are not needed. The bottom line is companies need to survive now so they can thrive tomorrow.  The right service provider can provide needed expertise for certain business functions as well as aiding in overall business strategy.

There are advantages of using consultants in this business climate. Consultants can decrease overall labour costs (by reducing costs associated with benefits and recruitment), provide quality expert talent, and offer flexibility, while allowing the hiring company to maintain control from a managerial perspective. Consultants and companies that provide expert services and can actually thrive in challenging times.

Firms that can provide quality people to help their customers in times when they are stretched tight can be very valuable resource in today’s industry. Consultants come in with the support of their company behind them, and can provide services that are confidential, cost-effective and can be customized to suit client’s specifications.  Like a great athlete can make an impact to a sports team, the correct expert either insourced or outsourced can make an immediate impact to a business.

If you are in need of technical support – do your research and pick a service provider that has made a niche for itself that aligns with your needs.  Michael Jordan said, “If you are not striving to make yourself better you are allowing yourself to become worse.”  Look for those that that want to become better, those that are still building and improving as leaders via service and technology in geophysical data management, technician work, and geophysical data marketing and deal-making in the Canadian oil and gas industry.