The new and improved SigMAP: An online seismic data browser

Companies decide to upgrade their software for many reasons: bug fixes, new features, functionality enhancements, better user experience – you name it. Early in 2015, Sigma decided to make major enhancements to SigMAP, our proprietary online seismic data viewer and QI ordering tool. The enhancements were focused on making the software better, faster and easier for the end user to maneuver.

Looking over press material from 2001 and the functionality of the first generation of SigMAP, I realize how state of the art SigMAP was, and continues to be. When SigMAP was created by Sigma in 2001, it was the first and only online seismic browser of its kind. Over the past fourteen years, we have continued to make enhancements to SigMAP, but this new upgrade in 2015 is incredibly significant.

What’s new?

  • SigMAP users will not be required to download any external software in order to use this software.
  • SigMAP can be viewed and accessed on all devices including smartphones and tablets. There are also no restrictions on the internet browser that you choose to use.
  • Users now have the ability to view the seismic image, including the shooting parameters and processing sequence for a portion of our seismic database.
    • The available images include the Sigma operated data as well as a portion of data from our Sigma-managed companies, both 100% and partnered in available areas.
    • Sigma currently houses 1900+ images, both 2D and 3D, and images are added to our database every week.
  • Specific areas and companies’ seismic can be easily highlighted and promoted with SigMAP, significantly improving the advertising and marketing process for our Sigma-managed companies.
  • SigMAP uses modern GIS technology so data is shareable in any standard format, including shape, WMS, WCS, WFS and KML files.
  • SigMAP also provides us with the opportunity to market other products related to our industry including the locations of Canstrat wells, microseismic, and LIDAR.

The increased responsiveness of the new SigMAP along with the major advancements (online QI viewing and quicker access to available license seismic), SigMAP is the must-have tool for the geoscience community.