Change is Coming

Change is coming

Like any 50 year old, Canstrat has been reflecting on the work we have done providing detailed lithologs to the industry over these many decades. And like most 50 year olds, Canstrat has been dreaming about selling the minivan and buying a cool sports car to run around town in. But like most other 50 year olds, we know that is impractical – especially with winter, salt on the roads etc. Instead, we have spent the last six months working on key initiatives that will set the foundation for the next several years of working with our loyal and new customers.

Let me bring you up to date.

Imagine our website as our rec room. It’s where we welcome most of our visitors, and it works fine. However, the décor is a bit dated, and the 27-inch CRT television is not really cutting it anymore. So job #1 is renovation.

Changes to Canstrat:

1) New website

A completely new Canstrat website is being developed, and it will feature an intuitive design and a new colour scheme (mustard yellow and brown are so 1970’s). Our goal is to utilize the latest technology in web design to make Canstrat easy to find, easy to interact with, and be a useful information source for geoscientists to use in their day- to-day work.


2) Canstrat Log Source

Another very big change for us that we will be debuting at the AAPG ACE 2016 convention is a complete rewrite of CSLogSource, the application many of our customers use to access and analyze our lithologs. Canstrat Log Source, as it will now be known, will be GIS and web-enabled.

This means that you will be able to search for wells in a map view and even better, you will won’t be required to load any software on your system. Finding and analyzing lithologs will finally be as easy as shopping online.

Additionally, all the past analytical capabilities you’re used to with CSLogSource will be available, and more intuitive to use.

Sigmap screenshot

Initially, Canstrat Log Source will be integrated to with Sigma’s SigMAP so that users will have access to the industry-leading view of available geoscience data.

3)  Enhanced lithologs

In order to expand the utility and reach of lithologs, Canstrat is investing in research to create pseudo-lithologs from wells with wireline logs. We are working with the very clever gents at Agile Geoscience, using the latest machine learning algorithms in order to reproduce this very valuable data in a fraction of the time and cost.

Stay tuned for more and be sure to come see us in booth 1539 at the AAPG from June 19-22 at the BMO Centre so we can show you what we’ve been working on.