6 New Enhancements to SigMAP

It’s been 4 months since Sigma released the redesigned SigMAP, our proprietary online seismic data viewer and QI ordering tool. The feedback we have received has been very positive and we are very proud of that. Even more important, the average amount of visitors per week has increased by over 300% in that timeframe!

Far from being satisfied, we are continuing to work on solidifying SigMAP as the go-to site for geoscientists to look for data to help them make critical decisions.

So what’s new with the new SigMAP? Since its release in January, we’ve added some new functionality to make SigMAP even better.

6 New SigMAP Features:

1) Over 5000 new digital tiff images have been added to the database, with over 1500 more scheduled to be added in the next month!

  • Users can do an initial QI of the seismic at their own leisure. Look for this number to continue to grow quickly as more companies use SigMAP exclusively to market their seismic!

2) Watch several new FAQ videos to help explain how things work in SigMAP.

3) Create your own parameters for filtering and exporting data from the Tools bar. You can also reset your own password and set up your user preferences.

4) All marketing updates are now sent as links that take you directly to SigMAP. Users can easily compare the data from the marketing bulletin to QI data in the same area.

5) View the status of your data request and receive alerts from SigMAP with an overview of parameters when new information has come in on a file.

6) View maps showing monthly activity through SigMAP.

  • Used by our growing list of Data Management customers (now well over 85% of all externally managed companies in the industry!). This includes QI requests, sales, and data that was deemed not available. They can also export the monthly activity data to in shape files, so that they can analyze it further in the software of their choice

We are constantly working to make SigMAP more intuitive, more useful, and more comprehensive. Keep an eye on this column in the near future as we make more announcements regarding expanded functionality and new data types.

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated, so if you would like to see something new in SigMAP, let us know.