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I have always received great customer service from the data brokers at Sigma. Timing and service quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and orderly manner.

Dustin W. Ressler
P.Geol, Geology Manager, Gear Energy Ltd.

Blackspur has enjoyed our working relationship with Sigma. We value their ability to get data that was very difficult to access via other sources. Keep up the great work.

Sean Kostenuk
P.Geol. Vice President, Exploration, Blackspur Oil Corp.

Throughout my career I have used Sigma for its exceptional service. Their efficiency saves me time, allowing me to focus on other tasks.

Chris Wigg

Sigma has been a great resource to me and has been able to provide excellent insight and advise on the business of geophysical data including divestitures, data swaps, and seismic brokerage to name a few.

Matt Ng
P.Geo., Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd.

I have been a client and a partner with Sigma since 1976. Initially as a working geophysicist, and secondly as a participant shooting a series of participation lines in both Canada and the US, I got to work very closely with several of Sigma’s founders. I have continued my relationship, and even today with greatly reduced levels of activity, I continue to check Sigma’s data base first.

Don Foulkes
President, Montana Exploration Corp.

Sigma is a longstanding, stalwart data brokerage and speculative survey company. It is  pleasure to conduct business with a group of people that exhibits such integrity.

Doug Uffen
President, Reflection Peak

I have been using Sigma’s data brokerage services for the past 15 years, and have come to rely on their prompt service and professionalism for the vast majority of my data requirements. In a consulting capacity I have used other brokerages in this timeframe as well, and Sigma continually sets itself apart in knowledge of the product, and a level of service that is second to none. As an added bonus, their ability to connect geoscientists via their broad client network has also helped in the past, whether it be for a deal or a possible employment opportunity.

Warren Pearson, P.Geo.
Vice President, Exploration, Corinthian Oil Corporation

Sigma has taken the data broker function to the leading edge through the development of easy to use online map-based data query tools. Data QI meetings are always well organized, efficient and customer focused. When a data purchase is made, the delivery of data is consistently reliable for accuracy and completeness of the full suite from basic to final stack. During my 17 years in the industry, I feel that Sigma has always had my best interests in mind throughout the entire licensing process.

Richard Kruger
Sr. Geophysicist, Shale Petroleum Ltd.

Sigma is a full-service brokerage house that has exceeded my geophysical (seismic) needs for a number of years now. Their attention to detail and customer support are unparalleled, and I have the security of knowing that my company and I are their top priority. I really enjoy working with Sigma.

Rebecca Daniels
Geophysicist, Talisman Energy Inc.

I have used Sigma Exploration’s Seismic Data Brokerage service for over 12 years. The online Sigmap tool allows me to efficiently browse data availability in my area of interest, and send data QI requests to my broker instantly. Sigma understands my data preferences and always works to find a solution that meets my business needs.

Kimberly Pike
Sr. Geophysicist, Enerplus

I have been using Sigma for data brokerage services since 1990. Their brokers are always professional, ethical and exceptional communicators. Ongoing dedication to excellent service is what keeps me a loyal “Sigma guy”.

David Nordin
Manager of Geophysics, Sitka Exploration Ltd.

Sigma leads the way in Seismic Brokerage. Their professional, friendly and resourceful service combined with their on-line tools makes the process of inspecting and purchasing trade data enjoyable and efficient. Working with Sigma is an easy choice!

Brett Wrathall
Vice President, Exploration, Caltex Resources Ltd.

Over the last 10 years, Sigma Exploration and its dedicated staff have become my “go to” service provider for seismic data brokerage and data management needs. They have earned my full trust thanks to their consistent focus on 100% customer satisfaction and constant innovation of client-customer experience.

B. Barrie
Sr. Geophysicist, Suncastle Resources Inc.

Divestitures & Deals

In an effort to provide our clients with the full-scope assistance they need to achieve their goals, Sigma offers several support services.

Seismic Surveys & Exploration

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